Climate Change – Pandemic

The number of hot summers with extreme temperatures has increased significantly.
Climate change affects the ergonomic aspects of making music.

Seminars that for example take place in hot Mediterranean regions are often strenuous for the participants and for the instruments. This affects concentration and performance.

After searching for a long time, we have found a venue in the northwestern region of Münster / Westphalia (Germany), which ideally meets the requirements of a seminar.

In the summer months, it is pleasantly warm in Münsterland, but usually not too hot. This has a positive effect on the participants, the overall atmosphere and, last but not least, on the instruments.


Due to the worldwide SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19 pandemic, we feel responsible to take care of the health of the participants on site to the greatest extent possible.

We take the health of our participants very seriously. For this reason, participation is only possible for those who have been vaccinated at least twice and for those who have recovered within the last three months. In addition, either of them need a current official quick test not older than 24 hours (so-called 2G+). We would be happy to receive as many people as possible with triple vaccination (boosters).

For security reasons, an additional quick test is also obligatory for all participants on arrival. This will be provided by the organizer.


(as of December 2021, subject to change)