The seminar is addressed to all musicians who are interested in the interaction of body and mind while making music.

For all instrumentalists who are intesested in the topic of prevention and health maintenance in the musician's life.

For classical and electric guitarists of all styles from rock to jazz, from folk picking to classical music.

For performance levels from advanced hobby musicians to pre-study, students, professionals, performers.

For instrumental teachers and school music teachers.

For all musicians who want to improve their mental situation resiliently in their studies, in their professional life, and while making music or on stage.

For instrumentalists who have already experienced problematic pain in a short or long-lasting form while making music.

For musicians who want to explore the rich topic of ergonomics in music for the body-mind playing system.

This seminar is open to all instrument groups - not only guitarists.

Participation is possible actively, passively or as an accompanying person.