Fear of the concert – interpretation and opportunity – or:
When does a concert actually start?

Performance anxiety is always a mixture of different internal as well as external factors of fear.

Based on empirical, neuropsychological studies of fear and coping strategies combined with insights from pedagogy and performance practice, some elementary fear factors are examined and conclusions drawn for the design of concert preparation and performance.

It will be revealed that a concert begins long before the actual "stage event".

During concert preparation, musicians experience various "high peaks" of anxiety. Their correct interpretation can transform a powerless attitude into a creative approach and thus lead to successful concert preparation and a successful performance.

The "right" choice of repertoire, the inclusion of "preparatory rituals", the dreaded moment shortly before the performance, the knowledge of the ongoing procedures on stage and the appropriate handling of these factors are crucial.

Concepts are presented that enable the musicians to experience themselves positively before, during and after the performance, to take on a responsible role in concert life and later to convey this to their students.